Thursday, January 8, 2015

A collection of radio modifications for the Sangean ATS 818 aka Radio Shack DX-390 part 2 UPDATE

I will be digging out the schematic for my DX-390 and tinkering with the radio again. This time I will take pictures and share how to modify the backlight to work one of two ways..

1. Replace a component to extend the time from 15 seconds to whatever you like. Such as 15 minutes.. (I currently have this mod in my radio)


2. Add a latch circuit to control the function of the light switch to allow it to be on/off with a press of the button. I am in the process of researching this functionality using a 555 timer or transistors. Please comment if you have any simple circuits requiring only a few components capable of operating on 6 volts.

I may also add information on how to replace the stock, incandescent lamp with a LED while the radio is on my bench. Stay tuned!


Jesse, W9JES

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