Monday, March 15, 2021

Updated Station List & Timetable for Shortwave Broadcasters 2021 Version A

Here is the first 2021 version of the HFCC broadcasters list for shortwave. It lists the station details such as frequency, time, and transmitting location. This should help you find something on the dial to enjoy!


Happy DXing!


RF Signal Transistors Back in Stock for Repairs



I have another batch of NOS transistors used in the receiver stage of many shortwave radios.

These transistors typically fix the dead or low sensitivity issue on shortwave bands on radios such as:

  • Sony ICF-2010
  • Sony ICF-2001D
  • Radio Shack DX-390
  • Radio Shack DX-392
  • Sangean ATS-818
  • Sangean ATS-818CS

Feel free to check out my repair page and send me a message if you want your radio repaired.