Saturday, September 2, 2023

HF Signal Identification and Where to Decode Them



Have you ever tuned around or performed a band scan on your HF receiver or transceiver and wondered what those noises where? Have you ever wanted to expand your listening experience by trying different modes other than AM or SSB?

A couple of great resources are available to you free of charge.

The Signal Identification Wiki is a great place to learn about different modes used by amateur radio operators, broadcasting stations, military, aviation, marine, and commercial or private entities. The wiki is maintained by the community and and provides detailed information to those who want see and hear what those signals sound like. It also describes what the signal is, where to find it, and software used to transmit (encode) or receive (decode) it.

Check it out at


Another great resource is This website contains an extensive database of recommended places to find analog and digital signals for the HF through 6 Meter Spectrum used by amateur radio operators. It lists frequencies, mode information, comments, and websites sorted by specific band.

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